Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Liechtenstein Tattoo Convention

              I went to a tattoo convention in Liechtenstein over the weekend! My first time to ever be in Liechtenstein, and also my first time at a tattoo convention. It's always nice to pop two cherries at once. The convention was at the most unlikely place I could have imagined, it was in a big hall/room at the University of Liechtenstein. I have never in my life seen so many people with tattoos and piercings, most were wonderful to look at. The convention was in the most beautiful spot as well, here is the view from outside the front door.

                                       Naturally, I had to draw some of the artists at work.

       I went to the convention with two people, a Swiss girl, Vanessa, her brother Marco, and their mother. Above is Marco getting his first tattoo. He got "veritas" tattooed on his left arm. It's Latin for truth. Seen the Boondock Saints?

                 This is Vanessa, she got the name of her zodiac sign tattooed in Arabic between her shoulder blades.

                              This girl was in alot of pain. She was getting Tiger Lilies on her side below her ribs. You can't see it in this drawing, but she kept clenching and unclenching her hands and then held her boyfriend's hands for strength later on.

            While I was drawing this girl, a guy seated next to her watching the job kept giving me appraising looks. I'm assuming he was her boyfriend and wasn't to happy about me drawing her.

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