Monday, May 9, 2011

Polymanga and Gorillaartfare

       Yea... Polymanga 2011 in Lausanne, Switzerland was great. I'm posting this rather late, (the festival was April 23-25) but I have some photos of artists and such I'd like to share. The main reason I went was to see the artists Clo and Benjamin Xiao Pan.

                                The badass art books...Gorillaartfare Vol 1, and Flash by Benjamin. I can still look at them even after all the drool has dried.

Yeah! the Gorillaartfare book is officially out now! check out this siiiiiiick trailer.

Gorilla Artfare | Gorilla Artbook Vol.1 from Café Salé | CFSL ink on Vimeo. This book features work from my friend Johnny as well as all these other artists...

              Adam Paquette, Alexander Draude, Alice Duke, Allen Williams, Aly Fell, Ben Foster, Björn Hurri, Brun Croes, C.R. MacTernan, Clo, Cody Tilson, Cos Koniotis, Daniel Clarke, Dave Rapoza, David Palumbo, Devin Platts, Emily Gordon, Emmanuel Malin, Erin Kelso, Ev Shipard, Federico Piatti, Fionkell, Gax, Glen Ostrander, Goro Fujita, Gregory Szucs, Guillaume Ospital, Jake Gumbleton, Jens Claessens, Jeremy Love, Johnny Shen, Jon McCoy, Jonathan Standing, Jonny Duddle, Julien Alday, Kan Muftic, Karla Ortiz, Kim Taylor, Liam.C, Luke Kopycinski, Maciej Kuciara, Marc Scheff, Mark Chong, Michael Meier, Mike Dutton, Min Yum, Nénent, Nic Klein, Nicolas Francoeur, Nigel Quarless, OYO, Patri Balanovsky, Randall Whiteis, Rich Pellegrino, Robin Chyo, Rodrigo Luff, Ryan Lee, Ryan Lovelock, Ryan Stevenson, Scott Altmann, Sergio Lopez, Simon Fellah, Thomas Scholes, Tiffany Prothero, Troy Galluzi, Véronique Meignaud, Victoria Maderna, Ville Ericsson, William B. Hand, Winona Nelson, Yi-Piao Yeoh.


                               Nicolab and Clo! They and Crowley were kind enough to make original drawings in my copy of Gorillaartfare Book Vol. 1!  :D

                                                                       from Nicolab

                                                                        from Clo

                                                                    from Crowley

                                         got to meet Benjamin as well and exchange some words...and he also made a quick drawing in my copy of Flash!

                                                                   from Benjamin


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Skulpturhalle Basel: Sequence

             A series of studies I did from plaster casts at the Skulpturhalle Basel. To make it more fun there's a twist if you follow the sequence of images...enjoy.