Friday, September 30, 2011

Travel Sketches from Europe

             A selection of images from my sketchbooks while I was traveling in Europe this summer.

                                                            Bern, capital of Switzerland.

I am in Bern, the bells are ringing, and the trees are singing.

                           The last time I visited Bern, I went to a house party with my friend Tobias, who was the bassist for the band playing that night.

                                                              Tobias ripping the bass.

And here is a music video by these guys! 


Stefan, the coolest farmer I've ever met. Worked at his organic farm in southern France for a couple days.

                                                                  Lynn's friend Lisa

                                                                         To much pollen...


                            Met these girls from England who took part in the student riots in London.

                                                              Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain

                                                        Lucas from Sao Paulo, Brasil.



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