Monday, October 31, 2011

Whispers in the Grass

                                                                     Whispers in the Grass


               And in other news... I'm now a member of the Kzany family! Cafe Kzany is an open-mic cabaret hosted by Zany Kzany which features short five minute performances that may include spoken word, musicians, monologues, random characters, and performance artists. This past October 26th there was a Cafe Kzany night in Tulsa at Living Arts. I read two short poems I recently wrote and also participated with the Drama Department and their Act.

                Below is a video of the Drama Department performance I took part in, I was the lights behind the white screen.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Stillwater People III

               In Stillwater there are DEERPEOPLEPeople, People, and...people. I'm one of the latter. Here's a few sketches and drawings of the people I know or have met in Stillwater, and maybe you know some of them too.

              Sketches are from Stonewall Tavern, College Bar, Finnegan's Irish Pub, Aspen Coffee Company, and other random places in Stillwater, OK.     (Posted in alphabetical order)



Chloe and Kayla


Jordan of DEERPEOPLE and Johnny

                                                   Jordan of DEERPEOPLE and Johnny





Sariah and Steffi

 Steffi   :)




People, People