Monday, November 28, 2011

Workshop SF and sketches

            Got back from San Francisco several days ago where I spent an incredible time and was an attendee at Workshop SF 2011 put together by Massive Black and their friends. Basically four days of learning and interacting with professional artists spanning all fields from commercial to fine art. Super inspiring and another push towards upping my game. Below is the flyer/image for the workshop, a hybrid of visuals from all the art monsters that taught us their tools of the trade.


                                                 For more detailed info about the work shop experience two of my art friends on the blogosphere wrote detailed accounts of their time there. You can check that out here at
Johnny's blog, and Stacy's.

         Also, here is a link to a video on Vimeo about the workshop in Berlin in the summer of 2010

           Below are some selections from the pages of my sketchbooks I've been using the past couple months. These were made during and in between time spent in Stillwater and Tulsa, OK, Austin, TX, and San Francisco, CA.


  1. It was super great to finally meet you face to face! Your sketchbook is looking mighty sweet as of late. Also, thanks for the link to my blog, Tim. :D

  2. Yeah, likewise! Thank you for the comments regarding my sketches. :) And your welcome of course, I enjoyed reading your writeup of the experience you had at SF. :D