Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Art Auction of Tulsa

                   I'm participating in the Art Auction of Tulsa, Thursday, October 4th, that benefits innovative art programs in public schools!

                   Two pieces of mine will be up for auction along with artworks by many other artists. Below is the official flyer for the event, and my two available pieces.

                  "Faces in the Green",     Ink and Watercolor on Paper,    8.125" x 8.125",   2012

                                   "Universe's Womb" ,   Ink on Bristol,   10" x 13",  2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Healing Hunters

                   An illustration for another client project that was canceled. The "hunter" is derived from my client's following of Dr. D'Adamo's work with nutrition and D'Adamo's recent published work, "The Genotype Diet". According to D'Adamo's research, the Hunter is one of six body types that humans can have. Each genotype having specific nutritional needs, etc. So for this illustration my client wanted an image showing the healing foods for the Hunter genotype. Below are the initial concept sketches and then the final illustration.. 


Saturday, August 18, 2012


          Some concept drawings and the final illustrations for a recent client job that ended up being canceled and none of the artwork was used. This image was originally to be used as a poster to promote a healing village, then my client wanted it to be reworked for a book cover. The basic vision to be communicated was the equality and union of Feminine and Masculine energy in a Garden of Eden type setting.

                The process for the above image was a final graphite drawing on bristol, then it was scanned in to PS and colored digitally.

               Below are letters I designed to be used for the book cover and other potential printed materials, they're also shown inserted in the cover image at the end of this post. The letters are alive with the power every seed has when it's sprouting, similar to how we create our reality with our thoughts and language.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


           I'm currently participating in my first group show in California and the show has it's opening reception on  May 26th! It'll be a great time with wonderful people on the 101. Below is a flyer designed by
Victoria Bearden and a personal invitation from me for the opening and some teaser images of my work.

          The artists I'm exhibiting with are Jean Krumbein and Victoria Bearden

                                                    flyer designed by Victoria Bearden


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bird Dance

                                  "Bird Dance"     8" x 8"    Ink on 100 lb. Bristol Vellum

"Dove Dance",    8" x 8"   Ink and Digital

"Crow Dance",     8" x 8"     Ink and Digital

Monday, February 20, 2012

Encinitas California

        Some of the first couple drawings I've done since moving to Encinitas, CA just under three weeks ago. As you might expect, it's beautiful out here and is affecting my energy as an artist in a very positive way. :)

                   Below are the drawings... "Healing Rhythm", and "Kisses in the Grass".   Enjoy!

Healing Rhythm

Kisses in the Grass

                            Finding a place to live worked out wonderfully. Upon moving in to my new home, my landlord presented me with a welcoming gesture of a homegrown lemon from the backyard. This was greatly appreciated as lemons act medicinally for my blood type. Below is a pic of the lemon tree in the backyard. :) 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wings of Hope Butterfly

                    One of my recent projects was painting a butterfly for Wings of Hope, the Domestic Violence Services Agency in Stillwater. This raised money and positive energy for the nonprofit organization and will spread healing energy throughout Stillwater.

                       Today there was an article in the local Stillwater Newspress about the 20 butterflies being painted by different artists around Stillwater for Wings of Hope. A photo of my butterfly and I, and my sponsors and another donor was featured.

              This is the photo by Toni Stone that was featured in the article. From left, me, my two sponsors, and the general manager of G & M Body Shop who will be spraying the butterflies with sealant as a donation to Wings of Hope. 

                                               Below are my designs for the finished butterfly. 


              And in other news, I'm moving to California! I'll be training under the Lemens for some time north of San Diego. Another new adventure. :)