Monday, February 20, 2012

Encinitas California

        Some of the first couple drawings I've done since moving to Encinitas, CA just under three weeks ago. As you might expect, it's beautiful out here and is affecting my energy as an artist in a very positive way. :)

                   Below are the drawings... "Healing Rhythm", and "Kisses in the Grass".   Enjoy!

Healing Rhythm

Kisses in the Grass

                            Finding a place to live worked out wonderfully. Upon moving in to my new home, my landlord presented me with a welcoming gesture of a homegrown lemon from the backyard. This was greatly appreciated as lemons act medicinally for my blood type. Below is a pic of the lemon tree in the backyard. :) 


  1. Wow Tim! Amazing line work with those pieces, they are beautiful. Congrats on the lemon tree, too!

  2. Thanks Stacy! They were fun to make, yeah I'm happy there's a lemon tree too! :]