Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wings of Hope Butterfly

                    One of my recent projects was painting a butterfly for Wings of Hope, the Domestic Violence Services Agency in Stillwater. This raised money and positive energy for the nonprofit organization and will spread healing energy throughout Stillwater.

                       Today there was an article in the local Stillwater Newspress about the 20 butterflies being painted by different artists around Stillwater for Wings of Hope. A photo of my butterfly and I, and my sponsors and another donor was featured.

              This is the photo by Toni Stone that was featured in the article. From left, me, my two sponsors, and the general manager of G & M Body Shop who will be spraying the butterflies with sealant as a donation to Wings of Hope. 

                                               Below are my designs for the finished butterfly. 


              And in other news, I'm moving to California! I'll be training under the Lemens for some time north of San Diego. Another new adventure. :)